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Gitty Up

Writer - S. Leslie (2009)

There are tons of methods to writing a song. Some writers lock themselves in a room, some read deep thought provoking literature,and then some of us (like me) just pray that inspiration will dance itself right in front of you. Well it did for "Gitty Up".

I was out listening to a friend play one night. About halfway into the set, I noticed a couple of girls making their way to the middle of the dance floor. These girls had everybody's attention that night. Elvis, Johnny Cash, and the Beatles could have been on stage and not one person would have even noticed they were there. These girls stole the show. They actually yelled "Gitty Up" when a fast song was played. I mean how can you NOT write that down? The rest of the song just kind of wrote itself.

It's interesting how more girls have taken a liking to "Gitty Up" than I would have imagined. Maybe it inspires them to let loose? I personally believe that every female has a little "Gitty Up Girl" in them. I hope this song will inspire them to take that walk to the middle of the dance floor and show off that "it" factor that lives inside of every woman alive.

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